• Establishing strong relationships with staff and clients. Ensuring all staff exercise good time management. Obeying agency regulations, guidelines, and policies, and ensuring staff does the same. Researching current industry/market trends and using knowledge for business improvement.
    • The Agency Manager works closely with other management personnel to ensure that they can carry out their job with the greatest efficiency thereby ensuring client and organisational targets are met.
    • Supervise and coordinate all aspects of an agency. They work with agents and clients to ensure that targets are met, relevant policies and guidelines are upheld, and customer satisfaction is achieved
    • Assist Agency Manager to monitor and follow up emails regarding berthing plan and their cargo can be either loaded or discharged. The will include the calculation of the number of port operatives requires to load and unload in a safe and timely manner.
    • Assist Agency Manager on vessel’s purchasing and as required by vessel.
    • Assist Agency Manager on preparing vessel’s Mate Receipt and Statement of Facts.
    • Closely follow up with the Tally gang and update the daily load/discharge cargoes to Agency Manager.
    • Responsible for the on-time, safe, effective and efficient load -unload of cargo from vessel and vessel’s clearance.

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